Holiday Travel Must-Haves

On top of being in LA for Thanksgiving week, possibly Miami early December, and Paris for Christmas, I just booked a quick one-night stay in Boston to see one of my best friends (remember Jurnee?) starring in a play called Trip to Bountiful opening there this Friday night — can’t wait! That’s more than the average number of flights I take per month and I only anticipate it going on the up and up in 2015, so I’m sharing some essentials — and awesome gift ideas — to make for well-equipped, comfortable travel. Muted tones here, but pop everything else with a splash of color and you’re good for take-off.

Men's travel necessities curated by Talun Zeitoun of The Rebel Cavalier

1. Jao Coiffette Bomade: It’s a pomade, but you can also use it for you body. Bomade. Get it? It’s a good fix if you have to make an appearance.

2. Rag & Bone Cashmere Gloves: They clearly don’t keep your fingers warm, but we’re only battling the gusts of wind coming in through terminal doorways or cold flight cabins here anyway. I opt for fingerless gloves especially during travel to grab something from my bags, make phone calls, or quickly turn off my computer or iPad.

3. Mulberry Notebook: Mr. Rohn says to figure out what you want in life and “write it down!” Then once you get it, “check it off!” You might need to do so mid-air. For some reason, note taking apps just don’t cut the feeling of actually striking something off.

4. Warby Parker Kidd Eyewear: Waking up after having fallen asleep on the plane with contacts in isn’t great, so I’d keep a solid pair of prescription glasses handy. In partnership with 826NYC (and 826LA for their sunglasses version), Warby Parker just released their Kidd eyewear in revolver black. Only 826 were made and the number you get is engraved on the frame. Plus, if you snag a pair, Warby Parker will give a pair of eyewear to someone in need.

5. OneGround WALT Slip-Ons: Durable rubber, 100% leather, hand-stitched and individualized gold lettering of the edition number on each shoe. And to top things off, they’re only $99. Why? These guys take out the middle man and sell to you directly. I discovered this brand a few months ago and they’ve stuck around in my head ever since. Plus, they’re a Kickstarter success story and you know how much I love those.

6. WANT Les Essentials de la Vie Pouch: Keep every single travel document you own (currency included!) in one of these and never again will you have to dig through your carry-on upon check-in or worry where your passport is moments before leaving for the airport.

7. Todd Snyder Sweats: Most of my travel coming up is for leisure, so a comfy pair of sweats is crucial. I’m loving these by Todd Snyder. The grosgrain trim elevates them a bit so you don’t go to the airport looking too much like you didn’t care (you never know who you’re going to run into).

8. Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones: Why in this day and age should anything have wires attached to it to function? Some airlines may prohibit bluetooth, but if they don’t… score! I’ve had these headphones on my wish list last year and I’m carrying them over this year. Clearly they’re not on the verge of extinction anytime soon (you can save a bit on Amazon, by the way).

9. Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter: There’s a method to their quirky color madness: each hue coincides with the region they work in. If Spain’s on the jet set list, use green. Italy? Red. Going to China? Yellow’s your go-to. Need something a bit “more”? This Satechi Smart Travel Router with USB Port and Router may help.

10. Richer Poorer Socks: No show socks would look best with this look, but I’d keep a pair for extra warmth in my carry-on. Richer Poorer makes a variety of fun colored and printed socks to lounge in… dare to go a little outrageous here.