The In-Between



Here’s what’ll happen today

ON OUR PHONES: hundreds of emails for two plus Gmail accounts (4 in my case), phone calls, Snaps, checking in on Snap stories alarms, countless texts, three or four checks-of-the-weather (it’s finally Spring!), calendar reminders, the fact that “@kendalljenner and [your semi-close acquaintance that you follow on Twitter… or not] liked a Tweet,” checking off to-do lists, a few posts to Instagram plus trying to figure out how to top your last witty caption, ecommerce orders that need payments captured (for me at least with SOTAH), finding that perfect song to walk to the subway to, and anywhere from five to eight push notifications from apps you keep forgetting to turn off — especially on those you’ve downloaded that you’ll never in a million years use again… unless your phone notifies you of an upgrade to that app with a new feature you might actually use (so, tack that on to the list, too). Smart phones certainly make things easier and keep things organized, but they do such an incredible job at making things so easy that you pile even more onto your life to then make your smart phone now seem incredibly overwhelmed (let alone you!). So here’s where we can become less phone obsessed zombies and more like your just curious about the time. Enter the Titan JUXT, Engineered By HP — a quicker and seamlessly styled way to get the important stuff from your phone. The rest can wait because humanity’s at stake otherwise.


Here’s the thing. While in-between meetings on my way to the next one or off to a shoot, my head is cocked 70 degrees toward my phone. Here’s what should be the thing. While in-between meetings on my way to the next on or off to a shoot, my head is up, breathing deeply, and enjoying the moment — enjoying my little “me” time during the day. We’re all guilty. So if I can get a buzz for important calendar reminders, important messages, and important phone notifications from a watch while forgoing the non-important on a phone until a designated time, why not? Granted, thinking this idea will take us cursory evolutionized Y2K-ers some time to adjust. Now if you’ll excuse me, my next meeting is in five.



Wearing: W.R.K. Vest // Margiela Jacket // French Connection Shirt // Club Monaco Slacks // Uri Minkoff Bag // Vince Sneakers // Titan JUXT, Engineered By HP Watch

Photography by Justin Duplantis

In partnership with Titan JUXT, Engineered By HP. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.