Digital Cinch

Here's another Libertine jacket that's made its way through a 10 year time lapse traveling with me on my journey eastward. It's a bit larger than my other one -- broader in...
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Village Stroll

You couldn't find three more conflicting patterns and textures within the same color tone like cotton polkadot, shiny nylon and fine corduroy, but pieced together, they help add dimension to...
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Triggering Layers

It's evident that fall is triggering change: the leaves are getting colorful; the air's getting crisper and somewhat cleaner; the sun's setting earlier; dinnertime manhattans are becoming top of mind...
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Camo Fix

The one thing camo doesn't do in fashion is blend in. It's conversely a loud print (especially as a garment) that can get kind of tricky to nicely compliment other...
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Gray Area

A few weeks back, I wrote about escaping the city every so often, be it near or far, in order to freshen up your mind. The truth is, for me...
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