Pull-Over & Under

“I don’t know, something… festive!” If that’s the response you get from your significant other when figuring out what’s appropriate for the upcoming holiday shindig, these pairings are a good...
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Cool Reaction

Well, that was fast. Winter decided to whip its cold wind chill around the corner and slap our cheeks, oh, just a month and a half early. You can kind...
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Digital Cinch

Here's another Libertine jacket that's made its way through a 10 year time lapse traveling with me on my journey eastward. It's a bit larger than my other one -- broader in...
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Village Stroll

You couldn't find three more conflicting patterns and textures within the same color tone like cotton polkadot, shiny nylon and fine corduroy, but pieced together, they help add dimension to...
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Triggering Layers

It's evident that fall is triggering change: the leaves are getting colorful; the air's getting crisper and somewhat cleaner; the sun's setting earlier; dinnertime manhattans are becoming top of mind...
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