Brand Partnerships

In order to keep sharing content (and making it available for free to all readers, I might add, which I forever intend to do), this website has to make money to pay the bills and keep the momentum going. So, in the name of transparency, TALUN make money two mutually beneficial ways: brand collaborations and commission from sales.

Brand Collaborations

First and foremost, I’ll only partner with brands that align with the ethos of TALUN. I will (and I have many times) kindly reject offers from companies that don’t fit. The essence of how these partnerships work is (1) understanding the goals the brand and/or campaign; (2) setting up contractual terms; (3) creating content through my own lens, voice, and opinions; and (4) sharing that content here on TALUN and/or it’s social media subsidiaries including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

All blog posts will be properly and visibly disclosed as “In partnership with [BRAND]” to signify that that post was sponsored. Additionally, all social media syndications will either be captioned #TALUNpartner or #ad (depending on the terms of the agreement).

Commission from Sales (aka Affiliate Links)

In linking to products for purchase from this site, TALUN may receive compensation in the form of monetary commission on purchased products through links clicked from this site. This commission does not come out of your (aka the reader’s) pocket, but from the brand through a third party agency as a reward to TALUN for taking the time to share product(s) with you from the unique content that’s created on this site. It’s a win-win for everyone: you as the reader got something you wanted, the brand makes a sale, and I get rewarded for taking the time to properly share that product with you. TALUN promise’s to do its best to link to products that are the lowest price among all retailers and/or from websites we firmly believe have a quality customer experience.