LA-bred New Yorker with French rootsTalun Zeitoun (tal’ən ze’to͞on) is a menswear and lifestyle blogger, freelancer, and entrepreneur based out of New York City. Born and raised in Los Angeles with French roots, along with having graduated from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, Talun spent five years working for various employers in the fashion, digital marketing and e-commerce space until he took the leap of faith to work for himself and his family business hair care line, SOTAH (STATE OF THE ART HAIR). What once began as a personal style blog to share Talun’s looks, the site has evolved into an eponymous men’s fashion and lifestyle destination inspired by Talun’s own unique, unapologetic perspective and — at times — highly personal experiences all positioned to spark much needed conversations around style. The content he shares juxtaposes his everyday with visual projections of his mind, or what he likes to call editorial with purpose. Coupled with matter-of-fact prose, Talun creates from the ever-evolving state of menswear and the life surrounding a bold, modern man who sees no limits — an attainable lifestyle that his audience aspires to live themselves.

Since it’s inception in September of 2013, Talun Zeitoun has worked extensively with some of the world’s biggest fashion, lifestyle, and travel brands including Saks Fifth Avenue, Christian Louboutin, Coach, GILT, Patròn, American Express, Absolut, and more. Additionally, Talun’s been featured in extensively in the late DETAILS magazine as well as had a full page in the April 2016 issue of GQ.

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