Hello, 30

Talun Zeitoun's 30th Birthday Dinner Celebration


It’s your twenties with money. You’re more unapologetic. There’s a newly discovered level of self value. That’s what “they’ve” been saying and, after about a week of experiencing this truly glorious new decade, I can see where “they’re” coming from. I’d be lying if I said that — while all of these traits were actually something to look forward to — I wasn’t freaking out for about six weeks ahead of the big 3-0. In fact, I didn’t even want to celebrate my 30th initially. Here’s what was going on in my head (maybe you’ll relate). I didn’t feel like there was anything to celebrate, I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life, and I didn’t achieve the goals I had set to accomplish in my 20s. I was going through it; but like a mantra, I had to constantly remind myself the lesson I learned from this post, that self-love is the strongest kind of love and to cherish it every single day. This life is a journey — nothing ends at 29 nor begins at 30 — and every moment should be celebrated with those who uplift you and support you along your path. So, that’s exactly what I did. I celebrated the journey at a milestone and I can’t thank LDV Hospitality enough for helping me realize that celebration with loved ones — including my mother who flew out from LA for the occasion — at American Cut in TriBeCa (note that they also have a location in Midtown) for a decadent, yet incredibly delicious, dinner in their private event space called The Black Room, all paired with Absolut Elyx cocktails. Take a look.

In partnership with LDV Hospitality. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own. Photography by Michael Singer and Paige Campbell Linden.

American Cut in Tribeca - The Black Room
Absolute Elyx

Talun Zeitoun's 30th Birthday Dinner Celebration
American Cut in Tribeca - The Black Room

Talun Zeitoun's 30th Birthday Dinner Celebration

American Cut Tribeca - The Black Room - Dinner Table SettingTalun Zeitoun's 30th Birthday Dinner Celebration

More on those copper pineapples later…

We wrapped up the three-course meal and headed to a new bar in Chelsea called The Lately about an hour before midnight. It’s a quaint spot in a happening area (No. 8 was it’s predecessor) built to mimic that of a secluded log cabin bar. The decor is quirky with naturesque wallpaper in panels separating each booth-style seating area; yet cozy with a fireplace and seating area toward the back where we were. While my go-to is a manhattan, considering the coming of spring (finally), lighter spirits are on my mind, so give their classic moscow mule a go. Then, if you’re getting late into the night, grab a nightcap under the ’round 2′ section and try their genius away or the wings of desire. They don’t call it “The Lately” for nothing.

Talun Zeitoun at The Lately Bar in Chelsea, New York

Here’s to joining club 30. I can’t wait to discover what forever lies ahead.