Happy New Year from bitterly cold New York (yes, that first photo is the sigh of how cold it is here). I spent the majority of the holiday in 78 degree weather, namely LA where I grew up, and spent the time with my mom and a few friends virtually doing nothing but eating and watching movies and, well, eating. It’s nice to be the exact opposite of what I am here in New York every once in a while, especially for the holiday season. But here we are, back in full-on work mode, and I teamed up with River Island again to showcase a simple look that’s both elegant and will keep you warm. That’s to say, sometimes you don’t want to roll up in a giant down jacket with some kind of fur trim (you know what look I’m talking about — we all have it and wear it and default to it). Here, a thick wool overcoat with (removable!) faux-fur trim gives the look a stately appeal and tucking a sweater into high-waisted pants keep a good level of sophistication without trying too hard.

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