The one easy gift that can be versatile enough to actually gift or bring to a holiday party, and be enjoyed immediately (unless, of course, you’re opening gifts Christmas morning; even then, no judgment) is a beautiful bottle of liquor. And not just any beautiful bottle, but a limited edition bottle that’ll look good and be worth keeping well after it’s been enjoyed. Enter the 2017 Patròn Silver Limited-Edition 1-Liter Bottle. Here’s why I like it as a holiday gift. For one, tequila — especially 100% Weber Blue Agave like Patròn — is the best liquor you can drink if you’re trying to stay as healthy as possible while being surrounded by sugary holiday party temptations; and since it’s so smooth, you can have it on the rocks or with a squeeze of lime. Two, tequila is an upper (no explanation necessary other than no one wants to be speaking to a half-asleep Christmas log of a person at the annual holiday party). And three, it’s beautiful. Slightly larger than the usual 750 mL you’d buy, it’s a gorgeous addition to any bar cart that’ll mark the times. Needless to say, you can take advantage of the fact that it’s a limited-edition bottle by refilling it throughout the year. Snag one for you and a loved one here.

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