The beauty about style is that it is ever changing. What I thought I’d never wear months ago ago may become essential pieces today; what I wore years ago may accumulate spiderwebs and those annoying holes by cotton-eating closet moths today (side note: I think I need to grow a cedar tree in my closet). And what I may have deemed as my go-to style ages ago — be it urban or colorful or street — has now evolved into something completely different; something I can’t even properly describe without uttering a few sentences to paint a semi-accurate picture. When smart collaborations take place, style becomes challenged and two audiences begin to fuse and new ideals and perspectives begin to form. The best of both worlds — in this case nautical from Sperry and sophisticated urban from Jack Spade — use their DNA to create a new capsule shoe collection and the result immediately exposes you to the other world and how you once thought about style evolves yet again, but for the better. Take this look for example. To be frank, I’ve shunned away from nautical clothing because I boxed it into a kind of “look” that I didn’t feel was me; but having been exposed to a footwear collaboration like Sperry x Jack Spade, I took inspiration from both nautical and urban to style a completely different outfit that I’ve never worn before, despite having all the individual clothing items in my closet. That’s how style works; and a catalyst like a collaboration between Sperry and Jack Spade — with the help of an open mind — will allow for way more creativity as you evolve.

In partnership with Sperry. All thoughts expressed herein are my own.

Urban/nautical men's outfit

Wearing: Sperry x Jack Spade Shoes (also available in blue) // Stutterheim Jacket (available in green) // Uniqlo Vest // H&M Shirt // The Cords Trousers // Coach Backpack // Kronaby Watch // Photography: Nathaniel James

Sperry x Jack Spade shoes in New York City


Fall men's outfit in New York City - by Talun Zeitoun
Urban/nautical menswear outfit


Urban/nautical menswear outfit in Chinatown, New York City