Sunday Riley Saturn Mask - Editorial Image & Product Review by Talun Zeitoun

In partnership with Sunday Riley.

I’ve been relying heavily on Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. (Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil) for about a year now; it’s been substantially helping me out with some quick fixes including blemishes, redness, and dry skin overnight. Case in point: it’s a life saver. Sometimes, however, my environment and my job (err, jobs) like to give my skin a bit more of a challenge, causing me to feel like a teen again with bouts of acne every so often. Enter Sunday Riley’s brand new Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask. And it works. Now, the smell is, to say the least, unique: it’s┬ánot necessarily the most appealing thing in the world. That said, I do get skeptical of products that are overtly masked with fragrance because it does make you question what they’re actually trying to cover up (and if it actually works!). Sunday Riley has always been blatant — something I’ve admired — and they’ve earned my trust in that sense. The active ingredients are clearly stated on the front of the bottle/tube and the product is what it is. Most importantly, it delivers safe, effective results. So if you’re not about applying a “medicated 10% sulfur” mask to your skin just because it sounds ominous, move on; but if you’re looking to get the job done — especially in highly polluted and highly stressed environments like my beloved New York City — add Sunday Riley’s Saturn mask your weekly routine.

Photography: Paige Campbell Linden