Les Hommes SS18

All Photos: Alessandro Garofalo / Indigital.tv

Stop everything right here. Les Hommes just nailed their Spring/Summer 2018 runway show from beginning to end. Well, let’s face it: the brand’s never failed at cohesion (or failed in general). But this particular collection had me clicking through each look examining every facet and detail of the garments with scrutiny, awe, and overall looking like (err, I hate to admit it) that little mouth-watering emoji that I find to be semi-gross. The collection gives a huge nod to Asian influences, particularly that of samurai warriors, some of which is explicitly apparent; others beautifully integrated, like into their leather-woven detailed suits. I suppose I’m finding a trend in what collections capture my eye: military influences (like Craig Green’s army for Fall/Winter 2017). There’s an element of romanticism, community, honor, brotherhood, and purpose. They’re defending something in stepping up to the plate to fight whatever it is they’re seeking victory for. Bravo, Les Hommes — I think you’ve won.