Care/Of Vitamins

Here’s my motto: it’s better to invest in preventative care now than it is to deal with it when it’s too late. And by preventative, I don’t mean insurance (because who knows where that’s going right now); and by invest, I don’t mean it has to be expensive. I’m talking natural care. I’m a bit of a homeopathic nerd by which scarfing down tens of vitamins on the daily is no big deal to me. And trust me, I wouldn’t be doing so if I didn’t see the benefits. When I don’t take (the right) vitamins, I can feel myself completely imbalanced physically and emotionally. For the latter, I get easily more stressed considering the workload and pressure I put myself through. Physically is pretty self-explanatory (i.e. more susceptible to getting sick, fatigue, stomach issues… all of which I know happen simply because I didn’t properly take care of myself).

Now, trying to figure out which vitamins to take can get confusing and actually sticking to a vitamin regimen can get lost in your day-to-day. Enter Care/Of, a new company that’s taking vitamins personal. If you head to their site — and you should — you’ll be asked a series of (semi-personal, but necessary and private) questions, which upon completion will generate your daily vitamin regimen that you can add to your cart and purchase for delivery right to your doorstep. The best part? They put together your daily dose in personalized packs for an entire month. And if you know you need something more than what Care/Of suggests, you can simply add that particular vitamin to your pack. Mine ended up being $53 per month, which is actually quite a good deal considering the fact that I’m used to paying in the hundreds per month for vitamins.

They’ve been so kind to allow you guys to use code TALUN50 at checkout for 50% off your first order. Highly recommend taking advantage and sticking to those healthy 2017 resolutions! You can shop Care/Of vitamins here.