Diptyque Candle Jars | Empty Jar Tips for Guys

This is quite simple. If you’re like me and love candles, especially from brands like Diptyque, the last think you’ll want to do is throw out the jar when there’s no more wax left. And if you do end up keeping them, they might just stack up in your bathroom cupboard. While many people may use the empty jars for makeup, brushes, or even to hold pens and pencils on their desk, I love using my empty Diptyque candle jars for cotton swabs and Q-tips (maybe I prefer this method simply because  the color palette works really well). Either way, here’s how to do it:

  1. Once the candle has gone out, boil a pot of water and pour the hot water into the jar. Make sure you do this in your sink and please don’t burn yourself like I did when I first executed this. The glass will get really hot (obviously), but it will melt all the wax residue.
  2. Wait a moment until it’s not so hot to the touch (or use an oven mitt) and empty out the jar. Let it cool down again, and voilà: a clean jar.
  3. Grab some Q-tips or cotton swabs — I prefer the former since the height is perfect — and place inside.

If you want to get fancy, my friend introduced me to the personal glass cloche, which you can put over the candle jar for an elevated touch in your bathroom. It fits perfectly.

Shop your next Diptyque candle (and glass cloche) below:

Diptyque Candle Jars | Empty Jar Tips for Guys

Current vanity, face and body regimens as of late 👌🏼

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