PAA Manifesto - Photo by James Ewing

James Ewing

This means that from the date of this post, you have about 2 days to do so. I went last night with a friend of mine and thoroughly enjoyed all 13 film installations entitled MANIFESTO written, directed, and produced by German artist Julien Rosefeldt starring Cate Blanchett as 13 different (exquisite, although needless to say) personas. Grab $20, hike up to the Park Avenue Armory in New York City, carve out 2 hours and 10 minutes of your time, and don’t skip a single film. You’ll also want to read the description in its entirety prior to entering the space and watch each of theĀ films in sequential order (the latter of which I didn’t realize until I finished — grab a program for that). I took a great deal of inspiration from this exhibit and hope you do, too.