If you’re itching for a sneaker that separates itself from the rest, I’ve come across a few funky fashion-forward styles for men that I feel any guy can actually pull off. Most of them, at least. Don’t get me wrong: I love a clean white sneaker like Common Projects or a casual New Balance shoe when running errands post-gym like most people do, but sometimes you want to take it a notch higher and add a funky element to your ensemble. I do (like in these outfit posts here and here). Beyond your usual lace-up or slip-on shoe, these sneakers win my heart in being different. The list is based on a variety of factors that I’d consider when getting my hands on this type of shoe: ingenuity of design; wearability beyond one occasion); and general comfort I’ve personally tried several of these). I wanted to put price in here, but to find a shoe that’s designed so well isn’t always going to come cheap. It’ll be worth the investment since I like to classify such purchases as art and you’ll be ahead of the curve some of these designs are now staples and critical players in driving men’s fashion forward).

  1. Nike Air Footscape Tweed, Leather and Woven Mesh Sneaker
  2. Balenciaga Speed Runner (FYI: They’re out of stock, but they’ll be shipping more by 2/15 — you can reserve yours, though!)
  3. Pierre Hardy Comet Sneakers
  4. Marni Cutout Neoprene Sneakers (also in blue)
  5. Y-3 X-Ray Low Top Trainers (on sale, also love these)
  6. Balenciaga Race Runners

Quick styling note. Because these sneakers carry so much personality, I’d be careful not to over-style the outfit you’re wearing them with. Less in more.

Got a favorite?

Funky Fashion Sneakers for Men