I’m coming at you with this brand to watch for reasons that are two-fold: one, the product is top-notch (I own several pair and easily escalated them to favorite status); and two, the aesthetic of the brand is so on-point I can’t even handle it (maybe it’s because I, personally, align myself so much with the brand mission). Let’s explore. Introducing CDLP, a new underwear line based in Stockholm founded by Christian Larson and Andreas Palm. Unlike the majority of label underwear that you can easily find anywhere represented by hyper-sexed and way-too-perfect-for-reality campaign imagery, CDLP goes against the norm of mass production and focuses on superior quality where they’re made in Portugal. Additionally, their boxer trunk — a garment style I’ve given up in the past but have easily made theirs my leisurely sole attire — is made of Lyocell, an environmentally sustainable textile that feels incredible, looks rich, and is yet 100% biodegradable. A huge plus in my book.

I personally take inspiration from their visuals because they capture globe-trotting sexy and independence at best with a quirky appeal that makes it real and fun. “Built to Take Off” being their clever slogan, the ethos of the brand portrays men who follow their dreams. So… me. And maybe that’s you, too.

Coming up for CDLP in 2017: their first collaboration pair featuring photography by renowned filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund.

CDLP Men's Underwear - Campaign Image

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