If you could envision

yourself wearing anything close to what you rolled out of bed from, this outfit would be it (comfort-wise, of course). Puffer bomber jacket that — no joke — feels like a down comforter, cozy thin turtleneck, the most comfortable pants on the market right now (that which can be easily dressed up), and support-driven sneakers. This outfit just might be my secret weapon for rare late overslept mornings, zero sleep nights, and zero-effs-given weekending comprised of coffee runs, brunch, and riverside strolls. The best part? No one will ever know — not that you should care anyway (unless the occasion called for it).

Wearing: Hudson Jeans Bomber Jacket // TOPMAN Turtleneck // ATM Pants // Lacoste Shoes // Gentle Monster Sunglasses // Photography: Paige Campbell Linden