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Mobility remains,

and will always be, a crucial part of my life; and elements of beauty within mobility — as well as efficiency — perpetuates inspiration. Mobility equates to travel by means of exploring my environment or seeing my world, and keeping the tools by my side as efficient and as beautiful as they can be, provides a level of comfort — some kind of “things are going to be alright” — which means less distraction and less wasted time on things that don’t need time to be wasted on. Bulky, thick, dull, slow, complicated… all traits you don’t want in a mobile lifestyle and all things the HP Spectre is not. I’ve had a chance to experience this laptop over the past several months (you may have seen this post or the most recent one) and, in conclusion to say the least, I’m a fan. It performs, it sustains, and it fuels my endless desire to create and share my version of beauty with the world; not to mention that it’s light and it’s thin (actually, the thinnest on the market right now). As you know, my day-to-day is completely far from normal (no idea what that words means anymore), so having a device that can keep up with that day-to-day is crucial. Whether I’m in my home office, catching Wi-Fi at a friend’s office to do some work, sipping lattes in a cafe (I love Union Fare as a place to get work done), or getting out of the city, this laptop fits the bill and all the while keeps me at my creative best along the way.

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Working in a cafe