Men's New York street style look - sleeveless top, black jeans, and sandals

I’m onto my next

chapter in part III (or something) of this crazy book I call LIFE. Just late last week, I moved to my new apartment in Downtown Brooklyn and I’m absolutely in love with it. The only question I’m asking myself is why didn’t I move sooner? Seven years in Manhattan giving Brooklyn the lower end of the stick when it deserved just as much respect. I honestly moved here without knowing the area at all (did you read my post on change? That’ll help explain things…), but give me a few days to roam and I’m good to go. With that said, these images have nothing to do with Brooklyn! Those will come soon — so many inspiring places to capture, just wait. I’m in Soho here and we’re in that awkward in-between season mode where it’s still hot, summer’s still on sale on top of sale on top of sample sale, fall’s trickling in, and wearing layers for any longer than two seconds means you’re drenched in sweat (but I commend the effort). So, here’s an in-between look! Cut of sleeves, clean black jeans, and sandals. Call it the best of both worlds. Err, seasons. C’mon Fall — I’m done with confusing season.

Wearing: Rick Owen Tank // Sandro Jeans // Adidas Y-3 Sandals // Vuarnet Sunglasses
Photography: Paige Linden Campbell

Soho in the morning
Rick Owens sleeveless tank

Walking through Soho in the morning
Men's New York street style look