SWISSGEAR 6752 ScanSmart TSA Laptop Back - by Talun Zeitoun

I think I need to

make an event in my daily calendar for 30 minutes to Enjoy The Moment because how is it already the end of summer? Granted Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of the sunny season, but it’s the last day of August, which means that September is tomorrow, and that’s comprised of NYFW, the start of fall, early Halloween planning, initial thoughts on where to spend Thanksgiving, and figuring out flights for Christmas. *Mental note to take a breath.* (I’m also moving to my new apartment in Brooklyn next week, so there’s just a lot happening at once. All manageable.) With that said, reasons for travel are slowly shifting from play to work. That coupled with downturn temperatures means more utilitarian travel. Rather than just look good, accessories needs to function. My flights to/from LA are turning from extra sleep sessions to expensive WiFi work sessions and I like to have everything I need easily accessible below the seat in front of me (window seat over here!). The beauty about SWISSGEAR backpacks like the one I’m wearing is that it serves that purpose to a tee. Water bottle spot (I like S’well bottles)? Check. Sunglasses compartment? Check. Designated tablet sleeve? Check. Laptop compartment that’s been TSA approved? Double check. One time during airport security, due to the “traffic jam” of items on the conveyor belt, my laptop without protection almost fell on the floor and not a single security guard even flinched to care — so trust me on the necessity of this feature. And last but certainly not least, a hardshell luggage case is key to protecting your valuables and potential spillage from toiletry bags. This one SWISSGEAR has fits the bill — and it being white makes your airport Instagram posts chic AF.

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SWISSGEAR 6191 28" Hardside Spinner - White Luggage - by Talun Zeitoun

Men's travel toiletries
Gentle Monster sunglasses in a SWISSGEAR backpack

Above: SWISSGEAR Luggage & Backpack // UPTON Belt // 3×1 Denim // Gentle Monster Sunglasses // Assorted Toilletries

SWISSGEAR 6191 28" Hardside Spinner - White Luggage - by Talun ZeitounSWISSGEAR 6191 28" Hardside Spinner - White Luggage - by Talun ZeitounMen's travel packing moment