In a world where

photography is being pumped out at an exponential rate, I’m always trying to discover how a new “thing” that can be added to the two-dimensional output as to differentiate, or think beyond the confines of whatever’s housed within a cropped photograph. Before Photoshop or Lightroom, photography as art used to be, well, for artists and the results were spectacular: of meticulous usage of light, immaculate and borderline perfect sets due to the nonexistence of digital retouching, and actual film where a byproduct wouldn’t be produced until a later date. Not to say that photography isn’t art (it 100% is), but unfortunately, the lines can get blurred between a snapshot that’s been heavily edited and photo of a skilled photographer, especially when we consume content with the flick of a thumb on a smartphone. I’ll be the first to raise my hand at admitting it. So what do we do? How can we incorporate graphic treatments, three-dimensional aspects, typography, paint, and more to give an image a more personal touch? I’m always thinking about this, especially as a blogger, when trying to produce content that captivates in the few moments that a reader has these days. If I can’t tell it all in a single photo, like some of my favorite photographers do within one image that completely mesmerizes me, perhaps I can in story form. So it’s just been me and my HP Spectre — a creative construction in itself — trying to figure it out in my apartment-turned-office (and vice versa after-hours). It’s makeshift, but hey, that’s New York living, right?

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