Men's sleeveless oxford with bermuda shorts (worn on Talun Zeitoun)

As I’ve been on this

quest to classy up sleeveless, back in July during NYFW:M, I was incredibly drenched in sweat from the radiating heat going to show after show when I realized that by day 3 I’ve had it. Not that I needed to be elevated for Fashion Week, but I felt the need to dress it up a little extra. I specifically went on a hunt for a sleeveless oxford shirt immediately following the Matière show. Lo and behold, thank you, Acne Studios. It’s long and A-lined, just the way I like it; though I’ve had some qualms with figuring out which pant to properly pair it with. I soon realized it needed an equality loose-fitting bottom to compliment the overall shape, hence this linen Bermuda shorts by Aussie fave, TY-LR. They’ve been on my radar all year long, satisfying my baggy-yet-tailored necessities on some former empty hangers in my closet (namely with these numbers as seen here and briefly here). I think the shorts and the short give the entire an elongated look, don’t you think? It’s a bit of an odd characteristic for a look comprised of shorts, but I’m not one defined by limitations. Ever since, I’ve been battling the heat just fine. Bring it on.

Wearing: Acne Studios Shirt (striped colorway here) // TY-LR Shorts (similar) // Adidas Y-3 Sandals // Gentle Monster Sunglasses // Photography: Paige Campbell Linden