Postcard from some

odd planet in the galaxy (we’ll say Mars, to make it easy… er), where my mind currently resides in search of all things most uncomfortable. I tend to do that, reluctant to bask in that good place, quickly “getting over” a stint once I’ve had a heaping taste. I was never one to believe in horoscopes, that your mind worked a certain way and the universe catered itself to you based on the day you were born seemed a bit like gibberish to me. That is, until I read horoscopes that were not my own and realized that eleven loosely did not apply: well shit, maybe there’s some substance to this after all. The fact that I relish and get excited with new beginnings (which I hope has absolutely nothing to do with my bank account) — all confirmed by my sign — gives me some sort of peace to my past and blanketing of apprehension for my future. In other words, I like change: I have, I do, and I will always like change. It’s perhaps why I enjoy freelancing, opening up new projects with vigor and excitement, while closing them up knowing I’ve learned and gave them my all (on to the next!); and why I couldn’t last more than 1 year at a single job; or why I enjoy fashion shows so much, that appreciation for a new collection to witness first-hand how the minds of some of my favorite designers are inspired and impacted by society and culture season after season; or why I’ve lived in 9 (soon to be 10 next month) different homes in the past 11 years. Alright, maybe the latter’s a bit much; but I’m convinced that change in our own way — at whatever degree we feel comfortable or exhilarating — is good.


On the flip side, what doesn’t change — that inevitably needs changing — is the acceptance for those who choose change. Mars isn’t so easy without mission control (they simply want to be up there with you — there… *brushing off hands*… I said it), but I suppose if Damon survived 551 solo Martian sols to make it back to Earth, it’s possible, yeah? And on that note, who said we still can’t believe in fiction? Regardless, a diversion to complacency in part derives from a lack of camaraderie, which, when I really think too much about it, steers me in a reverse direction to where I started. (No, thank you.) But I’ll admit, Mars is a mind fuck.




Approaching my day with conviction is forever battled with confliction comprised of my former addiction to stability (I really wanted to end that sentence with a -tion word). But I suppose there’s stability in change, that is, always be consistently changing (oxymorons give me life). This shirt from Won Hundred, which — as you can see — I’ve broken apart to help tell this story that’s been consuming my mind for so long, is an accurate representation of the mental battlefield for change. This isn’t some standard out-of-the-box t-shirt with a silk-screen saying on on the front that you can grab off a NYC sidewalk for $8. And the fact that it suits the Hawaiian shirt trend doesn’t hurt either. I guess you can also say that it braces the odds beautifully.



I’ll finish this up with a flashback to Graham Moore’s Oscar acceptance speech in 2015 with the famed one-liner: “stay weird”  (side note, The Imitation Game is quite possibly one of my favorite movies ever and has led me consider Benedict Cumberbatch one of favorite actors of our generation). I’m in no way advocating to be a leader of any sort, but a contributor to the cause through the only medium I know how to properly express myself. If there are any readers out there who are contemplating to make a change — whatever change that may be — but seem limited in doing so because of self-restraint, fear of losing friends, fear of failure, or fear or general perception, know that I’m your biggest fan in making first step forward. Your success is my success, as mine is yours. The best is yet to be discovered — Mars has plenty of room.