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I JUST GOT A SUIT tailored recently and the lovely lady who was helping me said that one shoulder is higher than the other, which I’ll immediately attribute to my perpetual use of backpacks. Ironic since the point of a backpack is to even out the weight so this precise issue won’t happen, but since I like to be “cool” (well, not really, more like always in a hurry to the next location), I throw it over my one shoulder and I’m out the door. Since I’m saving up for a large Goyard folio (ahem, Christmas is in 141 days and I’ll take orange, thank you very much), I figure that whatever’s in it needs to A. have a true functional purpose, B. be incredibly thin, and C. be lightweight enough for me to carry under my arms. Enter the new HP Spectre laptop computer — it

fits the ABC’s to the tee. I first discovered it when I went to Panorama, a music festival brought to New York by the guys who put on Coachella (which I remain virgin to *another wink-wink*), with my buddy Adam of IAMGALLA. HP had this incredible installation — what they called “The Dome,” as seen here on my Instagram — where various New York based artists designed and constructed art pieces fusing music, technology, and interactivity all using HP systems. The best part? A radical film experience projected under the dome that submersed you into a whole new animated world just by laying down the ground (here’s a sneak peek of it). Lesson learned: boundaries and limitations don’t exist. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

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HP Spectre

HP Spectre - World's Thinnest Laptop Computer

HP was actually my very first computer when I was 11 years old, so it’s been a household name since. You had to pry me off the keyboard playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, building the world’s tallest roller coasters in the “no budget” scenario and picking up angry digital customers with a larger-than-life ice pick and gently placing them… aside (err, in the water). Eighteen years later (side note: OMG the time…) and they’ve made huge strides. The design is beautiful. The new Spectre by HP is actually the thinnest laptop computer in the world at the moment — again, perfect for that folio I have my eyes on. It weighs only 2.45 pounds; and is powered by Bang & Olufson sound, who are essentially purveyors in the sound space. Perhaps I can find the downloadable version of my childhood game so I can fully immerse myself into the theme park with the full HD edge-to-edge display…