On the daily,

our calendars are jam packed with meetings, meetings about a meeting to be had, and meetings to talk about prior meetings; one-hour conference calls that go thirty minutes overboard; five minutes for lunch (usually at your desk that look like one of these); back to seventeen emails that flooded your inbox during those five minutes you had for lunch; figuring out which class to take on ClassPass (add forty five minutes plus fifty minutes of travel time to/fro); one hour of get shit done time; drinks with a client; drinks with a colleague; dinner with your friend; and — if you’re like me — seven hours to sleep promptly (if you can) at 11PM; then back at it the next day. Phew. If you’re like me, you’re probably looking forward to the holiday weekend. There’s absolutely nothing on my calendar from July 1st through July 5th except for flights and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I feel as if I’ve been running nonstop — challenging myself and pushing myself to newer and greater limits, which is awesome — but every once in a while, some chill the eff out time is needed. Hopefully you get to do the same.

Wearing: STLR Workout Tank // Hanro of Switzerland Tank // DYNE Jacket & Pants // Y-3 Shoes // Beats by Dre // S’well Bottle // Belkin iPhone Armband // Huawei Smart Watch // Photography: Justin Duplantis


Quick FYI, some new workout brands to keep top of mind. STLR just launched with a small, but fantastic, assortment of black (very “me”) modern workout essentials that feel great and allow you to move. Kind of the point, right? I’m wearing a tank by them, but I’ve tried the shorts and I highly recommend them as well. Next up, DYNE. Super cool and innovative brand that’s bringing the future of atheleisure to the now, as seen here wearing their side-zipper breathable (get it?) jogger pants with matching jacket. I like to be bold with workout wear if I can. If I consider work important and dress up for it, then same goes for considering my health important — look good, feel good.