You’ve seen the grams here and the snaps there, so now for the full story that goes with! (Finally.) For our first trip of 2016, Kat and I headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to experience the new Grand Solmar Resort and Spa. And as I write this from the comfort of my apartment hovered over my computer that’s perched atop my kitchen countertop beneath some semi-fresh tulips at 1:23 in the morning being only one glass of Argentinian wine deep in the thick of the busiest weeks I’ve ever endured [“breathe…”], I can’t help but close my eyes for a few and rekindle these moments of paradise. Care to join me for a second?



Don’t worry, there’s more. So to kick off the trip, we woke up super early for an early morning gym session (this gym is hands down the best hotel gym ever — think full-scale Equinox in paradise). We then had breakfast and spent the the rest of the morning whale watching in the gulf. Mark my words when I tell you to put whale watching — and not from the shore or from a big boat, but from a small dingy or tiny motor boat — on your bucket list. Coming that close to friendly giants in nature is a surreal experience. Two humpback beauties swam toward us and passed under our boat. You have to experience it to understand; it’s so spiritual. I totally get why our French whale watching guide dropped everything to move to Mexico and work with the marine life there. Not that I’d actually do that myself, but… I get it. By mid-afternoon, we came back to enjoy some spa treatments in these little tree houses perched amongst the rocks (you’ll see when you scroll down). Another thing to add to list? Just that. Never pass up the opportunity to get a massage right off the beach (not that you would — borderline given here): peace, bliss, and pure relaxation. Just what the doctor and too-much-time-at-once-in-NYC ordered.


I packed light(-ish). A few pairs of trunks, some shirts, and a couple of jeans considering the cooler temperatures at night. I discovered menswear swimwear brand Everest Isles late last year — in fact, I even met the team during NYFW:M in February (really great, driven guys). I’m incredibly picky when it comes to swimwear: it has to be the right length (I don’t mind short, but not too short), need a fitted waistline, and good stretch (for movement, not for leeway on food; or…). These swim trunks fit the bill. Their solid colors are timeless and they’re looking to introduce a few cool prints this coming season, so be on the look out. Pair the shorts with a denim shirt (I’m wearing a French Connection one here), a sleek watch, and a great pair of sandals, and you can easily take this beachwear look directly to lunch or early evening drinks.












As you’ve probably noticed, the grounds of the hotel are built around its natural environment. Yes, the rocks do look this majestic all due to erosion from the sea over the thousands of years. You won’t be able to go swimming in the ocean as the current’s too strong, but a morning walk along the beach will do — early to catch the sunrise, later in the day to take in the sunset. And if you’ve overslept (as you should on vacation, although we didn’t) there’s several pools — even a “grotto” — on the resort to enjoy the water. You may see a few whales from afar making their journeys.