And here we are:

halfway through the first month of 2016 resolutions, deciding whether “holy shit” time’s moving too fast and you just need to live it up, or “holy shit” you need to get back on track, or “holy shit” you didn’t think you’d last this long to sticking to your resolution. Hope it’s the latter. For me, it’s a bit of the former, a pinch of the middle, and a heaping helping of the latter. I have to pat myself on the back. For one, I kicked off January (err, January 4th TBH) with “sober January,” as they say. It’s working despite the ½ vodka soda I had at an event last week — that of which I could barely stomach — and the one delicious glass of wine I had a few nights ago watching Netflix’s Making of a Murderer with a buddy (I’m late in the game when it comes to TV). I gave in. However, I’m happy to report that I’m not even missing it or a craving to indulge a bit. So, glass half full (no pun intended), those few sips were a good realization that it’s working; and I feel better — a lot better.


I didn’t stop alcohol for a month not because I had a problem, but simply to kick the New Year off in a healthy direction. My cycle to kick in any new habit is approximately four weeks, then it’s usually engrained in my system. This isn’t to say I can’t enjoy wine or a drink come February, it’s simply a reset — bathing in a feeling of high energy, mental clarity, and visible gym effects to make me think twice about over-indulging in the future. Now, if I could only get more sleep…


For my second pat on the back, I’ve been gymming it more each week — up to five sessions per week. Some may claim excessiveness, but I claim that my reason for going beyond physical goals is to reduce the level of stress buildup. So in celebration (sort of?), I thought this would be a good time to introduce a workout look. I tend to incorporate a lot of activewear in my daily outfits, dressing up sweats or wearing cool running shoes with a particular outfit; and on my way to the gym is no different, per se. You should feel good going to the gym — a moment to take care of you shouldn’t be taken lightly or worn with drab clothes even if you’re going to sweat them out later. I’ll argue to give your newly attained (or soon to be attained) physique some well-deserved respect with workout apparel you take pride in. I shot this outfit last week and, as you know, the weather has drastically taken a bitterly cold turn; so kindly take that into consideration before braving frigid temperatures with a similar outfit alone. On the plus side: signs of spring next week post-Jonas! Or fall, or summer, or — let’s be real — global warming. Can’t say we haven’t been warned.

Wearing: W.R.K. Jacket (on sale) & Joggers // Nephews Muscle Tee // AMI Backpack // Nike Hat & Shoes (similar) // Maison Margiela & Me&Ro Rings

Photography: Justin Duplantis