Denim v-neck overshirt and black overcoat worn by Talun Zeitoun

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“mon ami” in the French/English dictionary, the result won’t correlate very well to this post as I’m solo here; but I suppose mon amie — with a feminine “e” — would refer to Kat, whom I strolled Soho with to take these shots (well before it drastically turned slap-in-the-face winter). AMI (all caps) is a brand favorite. I’ve covered them in fashion week round ups, you’ve seen this their denim overshirt here and here, and I just bought a cool backpack and classic baseball cap from them, too. The lesson? Know this brand. Not simply because I buy it, but because I think it’s modern Parisian versatility at it’s finest… it’s fucking cool. Alexandre Mattiussi (get it? AMI) nails it on the head season after season; looking forward to what he brings to upcoming menswear shows. If he could be, he’d be mon ami. But in other news…

Denim v-neck overshirt and black overcoat worn by Talun ZeitounDenim v-neck overshirt and black overcoat worn by Talun Zeitoun

I’ve had a bit of a sad start to the new year with the passing of our dear family friend (not to mention an iconic jazz legend in the music industry), Natalie Cole on the eve of 2016. As I’ve mentioned here, it’s certainly not indicative of the year to come. I can’t look at it like that. Life happens and sometimes things take time to get through it; hence the delay of posts, if you were at all wondering if I’ve hidden under a rock. She was my mom’s best friend, pretty much near and dear family: a sister, an aunt, a reclassification and redefinition of friend or amie. And when you have a small family like ours, true friendships — les amitiés — mean the world. She’s taught us to live a life to the absolute fullest with an ear-to-ear smile and find the positive in each and every moment. She did that so incredibly well despite any circumstances; a real lesson to learn as we venture full force into 2016. She’ll always be “Unforgettable,” as the song goes. “That’s what you are.” A plus tard, notre belle, notre amie.