Bondi backpack by Uri Minkoff worn by Talun Zeitoun

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I’ve said it before

and I’ll say it again: I’m a big fan of Uri Minkoff (like, from back when the label had the surname Ben). I love the brand for its classic, yet modern accessories that can easily be dressed up or down — versatile and timeless with any style. Before Christmas, I met up with the team downtown to do a shoot with their holiday collection, trekking Soho and wearing shearling and thick wool in unexpected 60 degree weather. Perhaps finally — FINALLY (though do we really want it?) — it’s getting colder out, so the ridiculousness of thick apparel as of late can actually be justified… juxtaposed with the supple leathers of a weekender, or the faux croc shimmer of their structured ‘pack. *Cringe.* Sort of. If the preceding sentence sounded like a bit of a rap, you’ll have to forgive me as I just saw the brilliance of Hamilton on Broadway this past weekend and it’ll easily confirm that any of us can go about our day eloquently socializing with one another in poetic rap, rhapsody (ugh, see?). I could keep going, but it’s best if you see it for yourself — even if that means you have to wait until next September to (maybe the day after you see Adele); and in doing so, you can flash the moment a la Nikon sporting Nikko in the back pocket of your knickers. OK, too far (I have my career path). But you have to admit… it’s kind of fun.