Casual home look in jeans and Nike Flyknit shoes, worn by Talun Zeitoun

Quick update from casa

de Zeitoun. I’ve come to a point where I realized I haven’t really shared much about my newly-resigned-for-14-more-months apartment in West Chelsea (yes, West Chelsea) besides some slightly scandalous posts here and here. I certainly didn’t mean to tease you with this post (this photo is, in fact, of me in my apartment), but just envision an alcove studio with a mattress on the floor, 5 bar stools, an entertainment center for my TV, this rug in the photo, and a bar table. That’s it! OK, that’s not so bad, but it’s still a little bland. I’ve been working on sprucing it up with art, plants, more rugs, lighting fixtures, curtains, and more… on Pinterest, at least. Countdown to the big reveal! I’m just not sure where I actually want to countdown from… In other news, I had to buy a rolling rack to help better organize myself (which you also saw in this post) — not bad for the first piece of space-taking “furniture” in my living room, huh? Befitting, nonetheless. That, a few succulents, and an orchid because it lasts so long (me taking care of a needy indoor plant is like me acknowledging that I have leftover pasta in the back of my fridge from last week). I love my apartment, I feel more comfortable in it than any other apartment I’ve had in my +6 years in this city, so I hope I can make the absolute best of it. More to come.

Wearing: Alexander Wang Top // DSTLD Jeans // Nike Flyknit Sneakers