Here I am, caught at a fork (or 5), right before the water barrels at the split of a highway, beneath a complex sign of directions pointing at every degree to something that looks tempting, or adventurous, or maybe-a-good-idea, or fortuitous (asterisk to tiny fine print: with caution). Pristine beach this way (beware of sharks!); powdery plush mountains that way (damn yeti sightings again). Co-pilot, where to? On the spot hesitation; 0 to 100 adrenaline; left, right, left, right; immediate increase in temperature; heart palpitations; sweat from hairline. Time speeds up trifold and there I am, in gray zones aplenty, where I seem to keep myself at until the last second. Basking in light speed, a voice: “make an effing decision already and stick with it.” They’re becoming more and more frequent — a sign ( no pun intended), I’m assuming, to trust my intentions and stray the gray. On the flip side and slightly lighter note, if there’s any color that’ll make the summer tan you’ve been working on really pop (hello, freckles!), it’s wearing the color you desire opposite of your goal complexion: gray. So my advice (that I’m also telling myself)? Though easier said than done: rock it, don’t live it.


Of all my NYFW:M outfits, this one had to be my favorite. It’s always like that, isn’t it? Last minute decision and hesitation with wearing shorts to an important event (especially one with a tank top — and a deeply cut one, that is.) Boom. Your favorite. My rule of thumb to add sophistication from any degree of casual or formal is with a blazer. So, voilà.