Hear me out. Well, not me — it: jackhammers, clinks of steel, glass breaking, workers yelling, the pelting of stones, pipes bursting, wrecking balls into brick facades. Combine that with being in your apartment at 6:53AM catching up on Feed.ly and sipping coffee every workday and you’ve just about had it, huh? As I’ve alluded in the past, like this post and this one right before it, I live in the bustling neighborhood of West Chelsea. Where, you bougie bitch? is the usual reaction — and I pretty much can anticipate that response every time. It’d be a sure-fire correct answer on a multiple choice Scantron (eff, do they still have those?) if I were put to test. Repeat after me (in a Sofia Vergara accent): Weessst… Chellllsea. Got it? Good. Guys: it’s just west of 9th Ave in Flatiron and Chelsea. Ahhhh! But in some cases you’re right. There’s not much here, especially when I moved here a year ago, but it’s coming up. It right now is construction, but it will soon to be a bustling corporate headquarters, a gorgeous park, end/beginning point to the 7, a food haven, extended High Line, and a (damn it for my wallet) Neiman Marcus. Where am I getting at?

I tend to subconsciously thrive in places where — for lack of a better way of saying it — there’s a lot of shit happening, or soon to be happening. It‘s inspiring, it‘s creative, it‘s fresh, it‘s before-its-time. And just when all of it will manifest itself into the butterflies they’re destined to be, I’ll probably get the fuck out of here (sorry, tourists — I just… can’t). And while we’re on the topic of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction are evergreen traits in fashion that catch my eye and magnetize my wallet. Garments of the like lack stiffness and carry imperfections, acquiring unique beauty and a sense of limited edition. Plus, they only get better with age. One of my favorite designers who embodies these characteristics in his designs is Greg Lauren (disclaimer: I’m, err, unfortunately not wearing his designs in this post) — his clothes are… remarkable. Another designer I’m infatuated with is old-school Libertine. Point me to anything ripped, distressed, patched up, or tattered and you’ll have me in a heartbeat. For a bit of a change, nothing’s new in this outfit; just hand-me-downs and a jacket that’s been in my closet for years — all styled to accentuate the imperfections that I so dearly love.

Summer casual menswear grey suit with a white t-shirt and sneakers on Talun Zeitoun
SPY x Richer Poorer men's sunglasses
Details on a vintage Libertine distressed blazer for summer menswear casual suited look