Meet Harris Levinson and Ryan Hahn: a couple my admiration for only grows with each day. Harris is from Long Island and owns Emoticon Productions, producing a significant portion of Condé Nast’s digital content. Ryan, from Iowa, is an Associate Marketing Manager at HBO. Funny enough (and they’ll admit this themselves), they couldn’t be anymore opposite of each other. But it’s just that, the principle of yin and yang that serves as grounds for their relationship — and ultimately the premise for their wedding in beautiful Saint Barthelemy. A New York City wedding was nixed. Sure it made sense: they could have invited more people, the lack of traveling arrangements and accommodations could have spared the headache(s), and the wealth (literally and figuratively) of beautiful venues to choose from was aplenty. But they wanted it to be unique, rather than an evening guests would quickly block off ahead of time in their iPhone calendar and take the NQR or an Uber to 15 minutes before the ceremony began. With a unique experience as a tropical destination wedding — made even more appreciative after the bitter NYC winter we’ve had — you have more time to appreciate the intricate details they’ve so thoughtfully planned for a year and a half, not the least of which entail made-to-measure Thom Browne suits for each groom, which were intentionally and cleverly constructed with yin and yang in mind.


Harris Levinson in Thom Browne for his wedding photos with Ryan Hahn - Gay & Same Sex Wedding Photography by Talun ZeitounHarris Levinson and Ryan Hahn holding hands for their wedding photos in Thom Browne in St. Barths - Gay & Same Sex Wedding Photography by Talun Zeitoun


The Thom Browne team ran with the project. They knew two things: (1) two grooms and (2) a tropical wedding in St. Barths. The result: a thoughtful suiting duo that couldn’t be any better suited for these newlyweds. Just like yin and yang, their outfits complimented each other. The first proposal? Short suits — very Thom Browne (and quite befitting for 91 degree weather). The next proposal? Seersucker. Harris’s jacket is a gray and blue striped seersucker; Ryan’s is of the same fabric, but dyed navy. To tie (pun obviously intended) their outfits together, Harris’s tie is made of the exact same jacket fabric as Ryan’s, whilst Ryan’s tie of Harris’s. The fourth proposition: loose fitting ties (the eyelet collar buttons of each of their shirts were actually moved and resewn specifically for this purpose) with tie bars snapped between the 3rd and 4th shirt button — tie tucked in, of course. Next, no belt — that would break up the look — so tailored shorts and side tabs were the remedy.


Ryan Hahn and Harris Levinson wearing IWC watches for their wedding photos - Gay & Same Sex Wedding Photography by Talun Zeitoun


Instead of wedding rings (though there were Cartier engagement rings, complete with a surprise Parisian proposal by Ryan at l’Avenue — more on that after a few scrolls), the grooms exchanged IWC watches of complementary designs. To accommodate, Ryan’s one jacket sleeve was shortened by a ½ inch to showcase his watch at his lowest arm level.


Harris Levinson & Ryan Hahn in St. Barths for their wedding photos - Gay & Same Sex Wedding Photography by Talun ZeitounCustom Thom Browne suits for Harris Levinson & Ryan Hahn's wedding - Gay & Same Sex Wedding Photography by Talun Zeitoun


Last, but not least, the signed seal of approval — or it’s not custom Thom Browne. Harris and Ryan’s jackets, shirts, and ties were handwritten with each of their names, the date of their wedding, and where the garments were made. Side note: all Thom Browne employees are required to study Thom Browne’s own handwriting ardently, which takes about an hour or two, before being able to sign any garment of his that’s made to measure.