Sleepless nights are nearing, nightly staring into a computer screen glaring back at me with time blatantly passing by a preset “bedtime” I had set for myself on weekdays as a 2015 resolution to hit the gym again early in the morning. 10pm, you’re done! Right [middle finger at former self]. I’m in a bit of a phase where everything is happening all at once and the old proverb ‘when it rains, it pours’ is quickly becoming my chatty and stubborn BFF with a slightly rambunctious laugh. SOTAH is launching next week; clients are (thankfully) ramping up; dating is, well, whatever; and I’m in the middle of 3 website relaunches on top of the brand spanking new site you’re reading this from (thumbs up? Sayonara Rebel Cavalier. Hello… me!). It’s all good — I can’t complain but be thankful and learn how to manage it all with get help! probably being key, since my other good proverb pal ‘stop and smell the roses’ seems to have taken an extended holiday abroad to further refine her craft. Anyway, outfit ahoy.




Photography by Michael Singer


Here’s a look for upcoming in-between seasons; that steady transition from winter to spring (28 days to go, people!). But until then and we have to muddle through 10-degree-below-zero wind chills, the look works great under a thicker coat, too. I picked up this warm Sandro coat on sale the other day and paired it atop an old, camel pullover I had lying around my apartment (undershirt shown — a must) and added some simple jewelry from Margiela and Miansai. This is probably (and maybe sadly) the most color I’ve had in an outfit in a while, so I didn’t get too crazy with the bottom portion of this outfit. Though the rolled up pants with patent leather shoes give it a sporty, sophisticated and European edge I’m fine with keeping dark.


Wearing: Sandro Coat // Club Monaco Sweater (similar) // Zara Pants // TOPMAN Shoes


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