This “solopreneurship” (ahem, “freelancing”) makes what-I-used-to-feel-like-were Fridays Tuesday, my former Mondays feel like Sunday Funday, and Thursdays not the only day I’d like to “throwback.” I’m happy to report that the usual Sunday jitters and Monday blues are kaput since the only person responsible for my well-being is, well, myself; and I may start coining “anticipatory Sundays” and “Monday news” since I do have to put myself on some sort of weekly pattern in line with clients (on top of several other projects I’m working on) and the fact that each weeks brings up a new, unexpected surprise. It started out being a bit of daze and, at times, still is: long lunches during the day? Morning West Village photo shoots between client meetings? Mid-day gym sessions and home-cooked meals? [Gasp] Breakfast? What on Earth is my world coming to?!

Talun Zeitoun in The Kooples Prince of Whales coat & wide leg pants


Photography by Cleo Mercedes of PRIMARY

In such a short amount of time I’ve learned a great deal of discipline and organization (still learning) — and I had already considered myself incredibly disciplined and organized. Apps are helping a lot here. And unlike how I said I was more organized, how about we get to the point in the post where we talk about this outfit? I wore this to a few client meetings several weeks back (shot between meetings!). The gabardine wide-leg stirrup trousers are from Public School (no explanation needed except for being the epitome of dope) that I like to pair with a sold black shoe. In this case, it’s a patent leather sporty/sophisticated shoe combo. The sweater is by Chapter and the jacket by The Kooples (can’t go wrong) to help make what I’d normally make an all-black outfit pop — a perfect outfit for any morning dinner, Wednesday afternoon drinks or Saturday night meeting (ok, my world’s not that upside down).

Wearing: The Kooples Coat // Chapter Sweater (on sale) // Public School Trousers // TOPMAN Shoes