While I enjoy the holidays for its festive events and time well spent with family and friends, let’s be honest: being out in a winter storm seems like a good idea for 10 minutes when, most of the time, we’d rather be watching the beautiful snowfall from the comfort of my own home. And, if that’s the case, you might as well cull together some stylish and enjoyable items that’ll help make being at home tolerable, all while keeping you in check and feeling great throughout the frigid season. They also make awesome gifts.

Home gifts for men 2014 by Talun Zeitoun of The Rebel Cavalier

For an aromatic woodsy scent with a hint of musk, I’d recommend these two candles: you can’t go wrong with anything 1. Le Labo and 2. Maison Louis Marie Le Fong Fond No. 2 is a new favorite (plus, they also have this gift set so you can try their 3 best candles in different rooms of your home or apartment). 3. Finally, a luxe bathrobe for men that doesn’t have that gaudy luxe look. Splurge a little on this Lana Hooded Bathrobe4. Jawbone just released the latest version of their renowned UP fitness tracking device and it’s available for pre-order here. But if you can’t wait 6 weeks for shipment in 2015, the UP24 will do just fine. 5. Hands down the best tasting home-filtered water (and I’m really picky!). I bought this SOMA Water Filter to replace you-know-what and it was the best housewarming present I could’ve gotten myself. Plus, they’ll send you filters every two months in the mail for a year — that’s one more thing you don’t have to think about. 6. Japanese fabrics are the best and only the best should touch your face. Check out this Morihata Vintage Check Face Towel. 7. Charcoal bristles remove plaque, deodorize, eliminates bacteria, and further disinfects for greater dental hygiene. Toothbrush, again, made in Japan by Morihata. 8. I laugh every time I see this “Rest in Grease” spoon rest by my stove. 9. I’ve been avoiding ordinary looking tea kettles in hopes of finding one that looks like this (also available in graphite, navy and matte black). DETAILS featured it in their December issue (get the full year’s subscription here) and I had to repost. 10. Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste (It tastes goods, looks good in your medicine cabinet, and does what it says.) 11. Just because you’re home doesn’t mean keeping fresh 100% of the time is out the window. Malin+Goetz is an incredible line of products, including this deodorant that’ll help keep any white tees or tanks stain-free.