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Well, that was fast. Winter decided to whip its cold wind chill around the corner and slap our cheeks, oh, just a month and a half early. You can kind of think of it as your relatives showing up at your doorstep for Thanksgiving dinner at 10AM, bright and early with dishes fully prepared, before you’ve even put your contacts in and gotten a second to comprehend the severity of your hangover. And just like any unexpected surprise that we’re confronted with, we have your own sequential thought process for how to properly handle it. I tend to end up in these surprise weather situations because I don’t check the weather app as often as I should. And all too often when I’m in a scramble to get to work, for instance, it’s as if any and all logic gets completely tossed aside: I quickly predict the day’s forecast by looking at the color of the sky first and then at what people are wearing outside my bedroom window. This is how I end up going down my 5 flights of stairs to open the door and realize that I need to go back up again to throw on a heavier coat; or how I end up getting caught in a downpour midday without an umbrella. With that said, lesson learned.

Just in case you haven’t fully unpacked your winter clothes, here’s a way to make use of pieces (and colors) you may have thought were only good for milder temperatures. This denim vest is one of the most versatile items in my closet right now; it’s a great layering piece that works well under and, in this case, over certain styles for added warmth. I paired it here on top of a shawl cardigan, threw on a loose pair of trousers and finished off the look with my favorite chucks. I’m working on relinquishing my “dark colors” mentality going into winter, finding creative ways to layer and increasing the longevity — not to mention functionality — of some of my favorite year-round styles.

Wearing: Denim & Supply Vest & Shawl Cardigan // RRL Vintage Scarf
JACHS Trousers // Converse x Margiela Chucks

Photography by Natalia Del Rivero