Here’s another Libertine jacket that’s made its way through a 10 year time lapse traveling with me on my journey eastward. It’s a bit larger than my other one — broader in the shoulders and a tad longer — but all the better to get creative with layering. I styled it here with a simple scarf so I can really showcase the detailing of this coat, but going into winter I’m thinking zip-up hoodie, flannel shirts, perhaps a funky vest or, better yet, prowling shops for the perfect long overcoat.

Again, as part of the designer’s collection that season, this coat was originally a vintage find that was deconstructed at the seams and then reimagined to his vision with a new fit and affixed graphics. I know what you’re asking, as I’ve been asked this several times wearing it out: do the numbers mean anything? The answer is… I’m not sure! I’ve done my research but have yet to discover if there’s any inherent meaning as to why the designer chose these specific digits. I’m sure it isn’t random. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to meet and speak with the designer one day with that question in mind — you’ll be the first to know if I ever find out, but in the meantime, the mystery lives on with what looks to be my cell phone number is cinched around my waist (it’s not, but feel free to call it and comment below with who picks up).

Wearing: Libertine Blazer // AllSaints Scarf and Jeans
Tom Ford Sunglasses // Denim & Supply Henley

Photography by Natalia Del Rivero