The one thing camo doesn’t do in fashion is blend in. It’s conversely a loud print (especially as a garment) that can get kind of tricky to nicely compliment other items in your closet. But it’s a classic that’s here to stay and every other season designers recycle it into some new color palette or unique print that all of a sudden makes it seem “fresh” again. With that said, I’m hooked — selectively. I need a good camo something every so often. I’m normally a big fan of the print on accessories like a great duffle or tote, but I spotted these slim, camo jeans and was immediately drawn to their simplicity for being exactly just that: slim jeans.

Rebel CavalierRebel CavalierRebel CavalierRebel CavalierRebel Cavalier

Wearing: H&M Sweatshirt // Standard Cloth Camo Jeans
Chan Luu Bracelet // Fiorentini + Baker Boots

Photography by Natalia Del Rivero