I have to preface this post by saying that I’ve had this Libertine blazer for almost 10 years. It’s probably the one garment in my closet that’s brought its cost per wear down to virtually zero and, over these years, still fits. You might be wondering why I’m writing about a piece of clothing that’s dated for an industry where we look ahead months in advance to discover seasonal trends. And to be quite frank, I won’t even be able to give any insight on how to find an item like this today (feel free to comment below if you do!). I’m sharing it with you because it was an investment. And as all things we invest in, we hope that whatever it is lasts years from now — even clothing. For some items, it’s beyond the brand: it’s the obvious heightened quality and superb fit. For others, you might get lucky to buy into a story or an inspiration behind why it was made — a certain uniqueness, that awe factor where the style and overall construction just strikes you.

Talun-Zeitoun-092613-1Libertine Blazer - The Rebel Cavalier

This blazer was a part of Libertine’s early days (note that Johnson Hartig started Libertine with his co-founder in 2001, so I’m using “early” compared to certain brands that actually have a true historical era quite loosely — not to mention saving for the fact that I’m not old, but in my mid-20s) when Hartig rummaged through LA vintage shops deconstructing the mid-century garments he could find only to rebuild them by hand how he ultimately envisioned them. Among these items were trench coats, vests, dress pants and blazers.

Libertine Blazer - The Rebel Cavalier

He’d then send off his reconstructed garments to NYC where a graphic designer would place 19th century century imagery on them using heat transfer effects. Most notable of his collection were printed skulls, eyes and barren trees in stark, almost neon colors that looked as if they were painted. I was happy to snag this custom blazer faint with vines abloom back then and proud to say that it will live in my closet for many more years to come.

Libertine Blazer

This coat works with both casual and slightly dressed up outfits. Roll up the sleeves during mild days or layer it up for those cooler nights. What kind of investment piece do you own that you just find yourself wearing year over year?

Libertine Blazer // Zara Top // H&M Jeans // Chrome Hearts Bracelet

Photography by Michael Singer