Here’s something I don’t do enough of: escape. While I’m in love with this city, you don’t truly appreciate the truth behind those BuzzFeed or Thought Catalog articles counting the number of reasons why New Yorkers hate this metropolis (which all end up equating to why they actually love it) without having left the Big Apple, don’t you? Alright. It’s a hefty introduction just to say that I “escaped” Manhattan taking the C train down to the 2nd stop in Brooklyn. I mean, Manhattan was in plain sight from where this shoot took place, so I apologize if “escape” is used completely out of context here. Granted I wasn’t far from my apartment, but often little escapes like these from a jungle of high-speed yellow cabs, gargantuan buildings, packs of tourists flooding the sidewalks taking pictures of “… why?” and the fury of early morning sirens allow you to slow down for a moment and breathe.

Talun Zeitoun for The Rebel Cavalier

It was warm enough this day to wear one of my favorite printed tanks (and probably one of the last days this year with the imminent cold pending) that I scored from AllSaints a while back. I threw on a cotton beanie, a washed out pair of 510 Levi’s, packed my Everlane backpack and broke in my brand new pair of Converse x Maison Martin Margiela sneakers, which, quite honestly, didn’t need much breaking in because they were so oddly comfortable.

Talun Zeitoun for The Rebel CavalierTalun Zeitoun for The Rebel CavalierTalun Zeitoun for The Rebel Cavalier

Unlike the Chucks we’re used to, these are actually lined with a tan leather and supportive sole, making any “trek” (again, sorry for its misuse in my Brooklyn excursion context) that much better. For those of you who haven’t read about this collaboration, the beauty behind it lies within its ingenious concept of red or blue classic Chucks painted white all over, including the shoelaces and the soles… all iconic Margiela, but they’ll eventually crackle to reveal their true color the more you wear them. You don’t know what color you’ll end up getting at the register, but that’s half the excitement in buying them. And for a designer shoe collaboration, especially that of my favorite designer, a price tag of $200 isn’t so bad (the available low top version is on my radar).

Margiela Converse Chucks Collaboration

You’ll definitely be seeing more posts about how I style these lux Chucks. They’re the perfect shoe for any necessary escape no matter where you go, near or far, especially since they’re designed to be worn in and aged. Oh, and Brooklyn, I love you. I’ll be coming back for more.

AllSaints Beanie // AllSaints Tank // Levi’s 510 Jeans
Converse x Margiela Sneakers (sold in Margiela stores) // Everlane Backpack

Photography by Michael Singer